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We are a consultancy specializing in operations-oriented approaches to a number of complex business challenges, including Contract Claims, Disputes Resolution, and Business Interruption.

Our experience encompasses hands-on operations, cost, and project management systems design, implementation, and utilization from both the corporate management and consulting perspectives.

We have supported recovery of over $100 million in compensable costs for marine, aerospace, and industrial clients.

Our consulting approach integrates a thorough and experienced understanding of the business of client firms - their sales, operational, and cost performance - in the preparation and delivery of our services.

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Tel: (251) 473-1815
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disputes resolution DuPree Associates is a consultancy specializing in operations-oriented approaches to a number of complex business challenges.

A.J. DuPree, Jr., an MBA with an operations management background seasoned over thirty years of planning, project management, and claims analysis experience, offers support to firms addressing business interruption, contract claims, and disputes difficulties. His involvement with commercial and government contractors, as well as national consulting firms, has given him a thorough foundation for analysis and assessment of many of the problems and difficulties in supporting and settling complex issues.

These experiences, and his demonstrated capabilities to work with a wide variety of business and legal personnel, also have positioned Mr. DuPree to offer Strategic Planning Services designed to avoid the difficulties in which he has found many of his clients.

DuPree Associates' client list includes a number of marine, aerospace, and heavy manufacturing and industrial firms. Individual recoveries in cash of up to $25 million, contract adjustments including modifications and improvements of method or mode of contract performance, as well as contractual work scope growth incorporation have been attained over the ten years the Practice has been in effect.

It is fundamental to the DuPree Associates consulting approach to understand the business of the firm and its operations performance as part of the preparation and delivery of support services.