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DuPree Associates' experience - with Corporate Contracts Management and House Counsel as well as outside Counsel - includes contract adjustment requests and claims support/testimony in negotiation, mediation, and arbitration/litigation environments.

Initial Assessment

General Management Perspective
  • Initial discussions with company management to address the current corporate perspective on the difficulties at hand.
  • Initial meetings with operations, financial, sales, project management, risk-management, and legal personnel. Client Feedback
Development of Recovery Entitlement & Methodology
  • Assessment, with appropriate contracts, legal, and/or risk-management personnel, of the contract and/or policy recovery provisions. Client Feedback
Development of Claim Strategy and Format
  • The Plan of Action - including schedule, progress, and cost analyses - to accomplish the claim
Overview of Claim Report

Background of the Firm - Capability & Capacity
  • The Client firm's ability to perform the contracted work based on background, management, personnel, and facilities.
The Contract & Performance of the Work
  • The contract work requirements and planned and actual events which transpired over the life of the project/program work
Operations Chronology & Development of Anecdotal Narrative
  • Development, based on meeting, tours, and interviews with operations and facility personnel, of the presentation of the circumstances and occurrence of events in the context of the firm's operations.
Causation and Impact Effects
  • Original Planned & Actual Manhours
  • Formal & Constructive Changes
  • Suspensions, Delays, Disruptions, Acceleration, Etc.
  • Pricing of Compensable Costs
Findings & Conclusions
Findings, conclusions, and compensable costs presented with appropriate illustrative exhibits

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