"Mr. DuPree's capabilities as a team member on contract and claims efforts in scoping work elements, documenting hardcore/local and cumulative disruption/acceleration costs, and relevant facts in support of entitlement arguments are excellent…his practical and managerial skills, his ability to work harmoniously with his fellow consultants and client personnel, his invaluable assistance in developing and executing plans of action, and…skill in cogently summarizing…his efforts…leads me without hesitation to recommend him highly."
Client Legal Principal

"His efficiency in researching facts and marshalling supporting documentation which bear on the pertinent issues is in my experience unequalled and compliments his ability to render his findings clearly and persuasively in writing or orally…Consequently, his credentials and contributions as an expert and fact witness have been excellent."
Client General Counsel

"His ability to work with a wide variety of our personnel - from program management, administration, engineering, and production areas - facilitated the development of a thorough and clear presentation of the history, entitlements, facts, and associated costs involved in our contract disputes…I recommend Mr. DuPree very highly and without hesitation and invite corroborative inquires into his professionalism and competence."
Client Executive Vice President
Marine Construction

"I recently had the very distinct pleasure of presenting the details of our . . . settlement to my fellow Board Members. The speed with which the negotiations were concluded and the level of success achieved were directly related to the depth and quality of our factual evidence, the related cost analyses and the organization and presentation of same in a logical and unassailable fashion and format. The organization of the project and the analysis of the operations, impact effects and costing data simply could not have been accomplished without your experience, technical expertise, and dogged perserverance. The Board has asked me to convey to you its utmost appreciation."
Client Executive Vice President/C.F.O

"We believe that the most effective strategies are the ones that optimize our greatest strengths - our employees and their talents ... Since 1991, DuPree Associates has partnered with {Client} in developing its Strategic Planning process, emphasizing management focus and accomplishment of corporate goals through team execution of well-thought out strategies."
Client CEO
Human Resources Sector

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