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DuPree Associates' experience - with Corporate Contracts Management and House Counsel as well as outside Counsel - includes work in negotiation, mediation, and arbitration/litigation environments.

In addition to the overview elements presented in the topic sections of our Web Site, our services include assessment of entitlement-quantum relationships, development of chronological "litany", event impacts, anecdotal information, pertinent cause-and-effect relationships, and resultant cost compensability. Further specific services include:

  • Assistance in Development of Strategy, Training, and Coordination of Discovery Teams
  • Advice and support to counsel such as exhibit preparation, submissions to the court, and other emergent tasks
  • Advice on sourcing data/documents in direct support of on-site discovery
  • Advice concerning a documentation database allowing counsel rapid access to relevant support data (categorizing and coding)
  • Development of process "templates" incorporating documents from discovery
  • Document review
  • Development of document paper trails
  • Analysis of information interrelationships among documents for use in exhibits, depositions, testimony
  • Advice on use of information databases and system codes sourced through site/document discovery
  • Analysis of information found through discovery, testimony, and deposition
  • Development of technical analysis reports based on findings
  • Supporting analyses, findings, and conclusions
  • Develop presentation (training) materials for use with attorneys/paralegals assigned, present materials, conduct training sessions, and update as progress warrants
  • Support development of questions for depositions/review with assigned attorneys

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