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DuPree Associates' experiences working with a wide variety of corporate personnel have positioned us to offer Strategic Planning Services designed to avoid the difficulties in which many of our clients have found themselves.

We have experience in both the commercial and government sectors in developing and facilitating strategic planning and operational implementation of goals and objectives.

Benefits - Client Feedback
  • Assess Management Concerns
  • Focus appropriate attention on vision and direction
  • Provide a Process to Achieve Goals and Objectives
  • Facilitate Interaction among Stakeholders
  • Support Strategic to Operations Implementation
  • Build and reinforce Consensus
  • Develop a Forum for Feedback
Strategic Planning Services
  • Design a planning process which provides for continuous improvement and long term commitment in the accomplishment of organizational mission
  • Plan process sessions with client personnel and develop supporting documents, such as agenda and objectives, to promote desired outcome
  • Facilitate planning sessions in a manner eliciting total employee involvement in, and ownership of, the strategic plan, goals, and objectives
  • Support the development of measurable objectives for successful execution of strategies
  • Develop a written Report reflecting the Client's Strategic Plan and Strategies adopted
  • Support periodic Situation Audits and facilitate updating of the Strategic Plan to maintain focus through execution/adaptation

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